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 The Pleas of The Children

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PostSubject: The Pleas of The Children   The Pleas of The Children Icon_minitimeSun Jul 06, 2008 5:06 pm

Eid will come but not in Aisha's house. The moon of Shawwal will shine but not on the horizon of Westrage. On the Eid day when our children will be running around in their new bright clothes or will be enjoying those clowns on TV which are called ‘Artists’ these days, just a few minutes…for just a few minutes we should ponder over Aisha’s story. She narrates it herself,

“Dear Uncle! I am Ayesha and I study in class 5. A year and half ago, my daddy went from Rawalpindi to Peshawar but has not come back to date. I never used to eat if he was not around. So I went to sleep still waiting for him, hungry. And then it happened many times that I had my dinner in front of me, and daddy came to my mind and then I could not eat.

We have searched from him a lot, everywhere but could not find him. One of my friends Naila’s daddy has gone to Allah. She cried a lot at his funeral but after a few days she turned patient. Now she prays for him a lot. But I don’t know where my daddy is. Don’t even know whether he has eaten anything or not.

Do you know when my mama prays then I curse those people. My mama says you should not do this to anyone. Allah punishes the evil himself. Dear Uncle! We have done every possible thing to search for our daddy. We did press conferences, demonstrations but looks like that it has not moved anybody. My teacher told me that if someone cannot find justice anywhere, then the Chief Justice provides him/her justice. I asked my mama to go to the Chief Justice Uncle. I would ask her to bring me my daddy just once and I will never let him go anywhere.

My mama met Uncle Chief Justice after so many difficulties but my daddy did not come back. Then someone said to my mama that is you march bare-foot in front of Parliament then agencies will take pity on you. So I marched bare foot but my feet were burning because of the heat of the sun but one Aunty said to me that my daddy would come back like this. Somebody said to my mama that ministers have a lot of power, meet them and they can have him freed. All those ministers and officers we met they just make lots of promises and conversations but do nothing.

After a very long time I cam to know that not only my daddy is missing but daddies of many children like me are missing. Look Uncle! Throughout Ramadhan we were on the streets here and there trying, failing and losing hope. My mama cries behind my back all the time. Now Eid is also near. When you and other people will be celebrating, having fun with their daughters. I will be crying remembering my daddy. This is the third since after daddy went, when mama says that, we will not go for shopping and celebrate without daddy. She is right. How on Earth can we celebrate without daddy?

I remember very well, daddy used to take me in his lap and hug me tight and mama, she used to put henna on my hands. But now I do not want henna on Eid nor fancy clothes. Well yes! If daddy comes then that will be the Eid day for me. I will g with him the very day and do Eid shopping as well. Will he have money? If not then that doesn’t matter. We won’t go for shopping. We will celebrate without it. I will have henna and we will dine together and I will keep on talking to him till very late.

Dear Uncle! Can you not get my daddy free? This is the reason that I am writing to you. I am also sending you his picture so that it will be easier for you to find him. Please do send this picture to the agency people and tell them to bring my daddy back immediately. Oh Uncle! Please do something and do it now. If they brought my my daddy back, I promise I will pray for you, and your children all the good things to Allah.”

Source: Nawa-i-Waqt
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The Pleas of The Children
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