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 Host an Iftar for HHUGS this Ramadhan

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Host an Iftar for HHUGS this Ramadhan Empty
PostSubject: Host an Iftar for HHUGS this Ramadhan   Host an Iftar for HHUGS this Ramadhan Icon_minitimeFri May 19, 2017 4:24 pm

Ramadhan is a time where we maximise our worship. It is a time we reflect upon our fortunate circumstances and it is a time we dig deep into our pockets to aid those in need.

This Ramadhan, lets seek reward in doing great actions to strengthen ties between family, friends and the community. You can do this by hosting an Iftar at your home or a venue of your choice. Hosting an iftar is a great fundraising opportunity that takes some effort, time and skills in the kitchen but the reward and impact it can have is astronomical!

At HHUGS, we’re launching our Iftar campaign #IftarForHHUGS and we need your help! It’s easy, all you have to do is gather your friends and family and invite them over for a big iftar to raise money for our HHUGS families. Charge an entry free or leave moneyboxes around for donations, it’s totally up to you!

This year we are looking at the lives of the elders who are faced with turmoil this year. The frail hands that have to help their family members pick up the pieces after a families life is turned upside down.
How do you host a HHUGS Iftar?
• Sign up on hhugs.org.uk/iftar and we can send you a penny box.
• Make a date! *insert cheesy date joke* - You choose a day of Ramadhan to have family and friends over either in your home or at a venue of your choice.
• Decide a menu! What do you plan on serving? Maybe some pakore, samosa, kissuri, chanah, shawarmas, roast chicken, falafel, malfoor, harira, sweet potato fries and some rooh afza or date milk on the side!
• Invite your friends beforehand. Inform them you are hosting a charity iftar.
• Share pictures of the same with the hashtag #IftarForHHUGS on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram
• Send in your donations to HHUGS

If you host an iftar, do tell your guests to tune in to our live appeals! We will be updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the dates of our live appeals.

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Host an Iftar for HHUGS this Ramadhan
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