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 Give the Gift of Joy to Every Muslim Home

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PostSubject: Give the Gift of Joy to Every Muslim Home   Give the Gift of Joy to Every Muslim Home Icon_minitimeMon Sep 21, 2015 1:39 pm


TEXT “EIDH99 £10” to 70070

CALL 0207 733 2104

(Weekends: 01189 098 462)

"Every nation has its festival, and this is your festival."(Abu Dawud)

No doubt, Eid is an occasion for joy- a divine gift to ensure the community unites together under a banner of celebration and happiness. For most of us, Eid is synonymous with loved ones, family traditions, new clothes and gifts. This festival is all the more special for families who live through extraordinary stress throughout the year. As hard as it is to imagine, for many of these families- Eid is actually considered a day to dread. The reality of absent loved ones, of being isolated from the community and of simply not being able to afford to exchange gifts and buy new clothes all comes to the fore.

We may not be able to solve every family’s problems, but we can show Muslim families and children in the UK that Eid is an occasion for joy- and that they are remembered and beloved members of the Ummah. This Eid ul Adha, let us unify to bring the joy of Eid to every Muslim’s home; our HHUGS families being no exception. You can help create memories for children to cherish for years to come- a much needed respite amongst the strains and uncertainty of daily life.

Here are the ways you can contribute to the serious business of spreading the fun, sparkle and delight to Muslim families who will appreciate this blessed day all the more insha’Allah.


Give A Gift Of Joy: Eid Gift For A Child For £10

“The children grow up without a father figure, not having what their friends have, not being able to ask their parents for Eid gifts, feeling deprived and inadequate compared to their friends.”

Just as we put together lists of presents for our friends and families, show that little bit of love for the HHUGS children this Eid. We all love a thoughtful present and the joy it will bring for the children who get by on so little is a beautiful investment to make.

“Wallahi, it really does make such a difference knowing that we haven’t been forgotten about by everyone. May Allah reward the whole of HHUGS with the best of both worlds, ameen. Honestly, when you are on your own knowing you have someone you can turn to and who is looking out for you is priceless. I can’t describe it.”

Unite A Family This Eid - £50

"We often take it for granted that we can see our loved ones on Eid...Even if it was the weekend after Eid that day would feel like Eid. Alhamdulillah we were able to see our relatives and spend time with them even if for only about 90 mins."

When prisons are far away, visiting times limited and transport means hard to come by- visiting your loved one is prison can be a stressful affair. Often times, families have to cancel the few opportunities they are given to even see one another because of the high cost of arranging a vehicle and driver for multiple visitors (including children). Donating towards an Eid prison visit will enable a family to physically see one another and have the in-person interaction to mark this blessed occasion.

Make It A Day To Remember: Host An Eid Extravaganza £350

HHUGS Eid parties play a crucial part in uniting people who spend Eid alone and without anybody to celebrate with. Helping to host an Eid extravaganza brings together families who would otherwise have no plans for the day and brings special delight to children who now have something to look forward to. Your donation will cover the cost of venue hire, catering and activities for children ranging from face-painters, bouncy castles and entertainers for the day. In times when such ‘luxuries’ such as parties are rare, we can show others that through Eid, Allah truly gives us cause for joy.

“Today was the best day of my life. JazakAllahu khaira HHUGS.”

“JazaakAllahu khaira for the wonderful initiative of the Eid party for the HHUGS families. We all genuinely had a wonderful time and are very grateful for your work. May Allah in return ease the hardship of everyone whose efforts made today’s event a great success. Ameen.”
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Give the Gift of Joy to Every Muslim Home
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