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Imaam al-Shaafi’i Rahimahullaah said: ‘There is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if that’s the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.’

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 Qurbani at your doorstep...Serve the near before the far

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PostSubject: Qurbani at your doorstep...Serve the near before the far   Mon Sep 07, 2015 5:08 pm


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It feels as though we have just bid farewell to Ramadhan, yet Hajj season has already begun and Eid ul Adha is fast approaching. As we prepare to fulfil our Qurbani obligation, we often look abroad in the search for those most in need. The irony is that the many desperate cases of hardship on our own doorstep are frequently overlooked. HHUGS supports some of the most vulnerable families in the UK, who not only battle social isolation and loss of a loved one, but the dark reality of poverty in 21st century Britain. Offering your Qurbani through HHUGS not only provides families in need with financial relief, but also with a memorable Eid meal and experience- reminding us all of the common obligation and brotherhood which bind us all together.

"A reward for every hair…for every strand of wool." (Ahmad)


"If there are poor people in one’s own country, then it is better to give it to them so as to meet their needs."(Ibn Jibreen)

There was a time where one would struggle to believe true poverty- with families living far below the breadline- could exist in the UK. However, in recent years we have all witnessed headline reporting of foodbanks not able to accommodate hungry families and parents who make the agonising decision whether to ‘heat or eat’- such is their situation. Of those facing financial hardships, HHUGS families live with a constant strain of desperation and often neglect all year round. The absence of a breadwinner leaves the burden of providing for children solely on the parent left behind. Often families are forced to rely on ever-shrinking state benefits and charitable handouts just to see their children through the practical needs of daily life. Many are surviving barely above the poverty line. Socially, many are isolated from the community as their needs are not understood and soon forgotten. Emotionally, they nurse the wounds of separation and loss from their loved ones.

In such desperate circumstances, offering your Qurbani to a HHUGS family provides relief and solace to a family who often have little to look forward to. Thus, giving your Qurbani to those in need close to home is not only permissible, but a much neglected obligation.

The Hanbalis, Shafa‘is, and Malikis, said: “It is permissible to transfer it no more than the distance at which shortening prayers becomes permissible, from the country in which theudhiyah is due. But it isharam to transfer it, as in the case ofzakah, the distance at which shortening prayers becomes permissible, although it is valid."

Dr. Wahbah az-Zuhayli said: "As for transferringudhiyah to another country, the Hanafis said: It is makruh (detested) to transfer it, like zakah, from one country to another, unless he is transferring it to his relatives or to people who are in greater need of it than the people in his own country. If he transfers it to anyone else, it is valid although it is makruh. The Malikis said: it is not permissible to transfer it the distance at which shortening prayers becomes permissible or more, unless the people in that place are in greater need of it than the people in the place where it should be offered.”


“My mother would get meat on Eid, strangers would come to see you and tell you they love you for the sake of Allah. These small acts become a rope for us to hold onto. If I could say anything about this charity I would say that this charity reminds me of the kinds of sacrifice made by the Sahaba for each other."

The origins and essence of Qurbani is heavily steeped in a message of sacrifice. As Ibrahim (as) stood over his son, ready to sacrifice the life of one he loved so dear- he had already imbibed the true meaning of what it is to give something up for the pleasure of Allah. This singular act of Ibrahim (as) carried within it so many layers of meaning. The practical act of Qurbani not only provides an important and beneficial source of food for the poor, but in performing Qurbani- we are given the chance to reconnect with our purpose as Muslims. If Ibrahim (as) was ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, what of all the lesser material attachments we hold onto in our own lives? Can we really ‘slaughter’ the objects of our affection with as much fortitude as Ibrahim (as)? Whether we are in the position of giving a Qurbani or receiving food, we are united in brotherhood. With so many families in need of a generous act here in the UK, Qurbani provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our care for our brothers and sisters in a real and practical way.

Zaid bin Arqam (may Allah be pleased with him) reports that "Whoever made a sacrifice with full sincerity, the act of sacrifice will protect him from the hell fire"(at-Tabarani)
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Qurbani at your doorstep...Serve the near before the far
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