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 Plant a Tree in Palestine

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PostSubject: Plant a Tree in Palestine   Plant a Tree in Palestine Icon_minitimeTue Jan 22, 2008 11:02 pm

Plant a tree in Palestine

Since the Second Intifada five years ago, there have been over 1.2 million trees uprooted in Palestine by Israeli forces with a value of over 100 million dollars.

As a result, Palestinians have suffered not only a serious decline in their economy but significant damage to their culture and traditions that have been an integral part of their national life for centuries.

The Palestinian people have always considered both the olive and orange trees as both an indispensable element of their livelihood and symbolic tokens of peace and prosperity.

Many Palestinian communities are financially dependent upon the olive and orange harvest. The annual income of generated by olives and olive products alone comprises 40% of the gross product of fruit trees in Palestine and more than 20% of the overall national agricultural output.

Insha'Allaah contact Interpal at info@interpal.org for more information

Plant a tree in Palestine - http://interpal.org/appeals/PlantTree.html
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Plant a Tree in Palestine
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