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Imaam al-Shaafii Rahimahullaah said: There is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if thats the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.

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 Taqwa, Knowledge and BeautyShare

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PostSubject: Taqwa, Knowledge and BeautyShare   Tue May 04, 2010 11:28 pm

Taqwa, Knowledge and BeautyShare

Taqwa, Knowledge and Beauty

It is reported that Ab Al-Dard Allh be pleased with him said:

You will never be pious (a person of taqw) until you become knowledgeable, and you will never be beautiful with your knowledge until you act [by it].

What is Knowledge?

It is reported from Al-Awz that he said:

Knowledge is what has come from the Companions of Allahs Messenger sallallhu alayhi wa sallam; and what has not come from them is not knowledge.

Al-Dhahab , Siyar Alm Al-Nubal` in his biography of Al-Awz. Ibn Askir, Trkh Dimishq Vol.35 p201.

Knowledge transforms the student

Al-Hasan Al-Basr Allah have mercy on him said:

When a man sought knowledge, it would not be long before it could be seen in his humbleness, his sight, upon his tongue and his hands, in his prayer, in his speech and in his disinterest (zuhd) in worldly allurements. And a man would acquire a portion of knowledge and put it into practice, and it would be better for him than the world and all it contains if he owned it he would give it in exchange for the hereafter.

Ibn Al-Mubrak, Al-Zuhd wa Al-Raq`iq Vol.1 p.156.

Two Requirements for Knowledge

It is reported that Al-Shab said, The only people who used to seek this knowledge were those who combined two characteristics: intelligence and devout worship. If a person was intelligent but not devout, it would be said that only the worshippers can attain this [knowledge], and so he would not try to seek it. And if a person was devout, but not intelligent, it would be said that only the intelligent can attain this [knowledge], and so he would not try to seek it. Al-Shab continued, And I fear that today, people who are neither intelligent nor devout try to seek it.

Ibn Hibbn Al-Bust, Rawdatu Al-Uqal` wa Nuzhatu Al-Fudal` Vol.1 p9.

Intelligence in Action

It is reported that Sufyn b. Uyainah Allh have mercy on him said, The intelligent person is not one who merely knows what is good and what is bad. The intelligent person is one who, when he sees what is good, follows it, and when he sees evil, shuns it.

Ab Nuaym, Hilyah Al-Awliy`, Vol. 4 p16.

How the Salaf studied the Quran

Abdullh b. Masd Allh be pleased with him said:

When a man amongst us learned ten verses [of the Quran], he would not move on [to the next verses] until he had understood their meanings and how to act by them.

Al-Tabar, Al-Tafsr 1:80. Shaykh Ahmad Shkir graded its chain of transmission sahh.

Ab Abd Al-Rahmn Al-Sulam said:

Those who used to teach us the Quran (the Companions) told us that they used to learn the Quran from the Prophet Allhs peace and blessings be upon him; when they had learnt ten verses they would not move on until they put into practice what was in them. So we learnt knowledge and deeds (implementation) together.

Ibid. Shaykh Ahmad Shkir graded its chain of transmission sahh also.

Who to Love and Trust, Hate and Suspect [signs of sincerity]

It is reported that Umar b. Al-Khattb Allh be pleased with him said:

We were once in a time when we did not think anyone learned the Quran seeking anything but Allh the Exalted, but now I fear there are men who learn it and intend the people and what they can get from them. So seek Allh with your recitation and deeds. For verily, we used to know you when Allhs Messenger Allhs peace and blessings be upon him was amongst us, when revelation would descend and Allh would tell us about you. As for today, Allhs Messenger peace and blessings be upon him has passed on, and the revelations has stopped; and I only know you as I say: whoever shows what is good, we love him for it and think good of him, and whoever shows what is evil, we hate him for it and suspect him. Your secret and private matters are between you and your Lord the Mighty and Majestic.
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Taqwa, Knowledge and BeautyShare
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