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Imaam al-Shaafi’i Rahimahullaah said: ‘There is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if that’s the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.’

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 Freedom Will Come Palestine

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PostSubject: Freedom Will Come Palestine   Sat Jan 30, 2010 12:29 am

Freedom Will Come Palestine

Your voice will be heard

While your screams shatter the silence

Your sacrifice will be known

As your bodies burn in the dark of night

The chains of war will leave you soon

While your faith can never be caged

Your pain will ease and your homes rebuilt

Though your memories will never leave, and deceased never to return

Your flag shall be raised when occupation reigns no more

While the symbols of your struggle are stained with innocent blood

The tears of your people may continue to fall

For your children cannot rise from the grave that is now Philistine…

Freedom will come, O Prisoner of War

So Hold On…

Freedom will come.
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Freedom Will Come Palestine
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