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Imaam al-Shaafiíi Rahimahullaah said: ĎThere is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if thatís the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.í



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PostSubject: RACISM   RACISM Icon_minitimeThu Oct 22, 2009 10:42 pm

RACISM 562245
So far I've ony written poetry about the Deen even thought it's pretty useless; now i want to tr writing about glabl issues as it affect us today and i've never done so before.

here's my first attempt; (i know its terrible plus i dont like writing in this style, but tell me if it makes sense, if its totally terrible, improvements, ideas, ect. if it makes u think or jsut bores u right through - i don't care what the criticism is for at least it'll help )


Tell me bro how itís been down there in that filth u called home

Must be lonely down there but I guess being black made u used to da darkness

Havenít heard from u since that day u were taken away

Coz they hurt u right more than I can eva say

Shunned with words spitting in ur face coz of the colour of ur skin

White thugs smashin into ur heart Ďn body, but no one cud see the bruises Ďcept me

Black and raw ur anguish shared on my soul yet I did nothing to save u from ur hell

Oh my bro itís been so long since Iíve seen; where are u, ĎN why donít u call

Ur memory never fades just increases my anger each passiní day

Their fists pound into ur defenceless body while they looked on in disgust

Words u cud take, beatings u cud endure, arson and torture bringiní u to the edge-

Then they went too far, crossiní the boundaries of transgression past evil to insanity

I just stood there and watched too scared to save u, so afraid as never before

ĎN it wasnít me who was screaming it wasnít me who was lying there

Blood spurting from ur agony, black sin in their hands black skin shredded by white

Yeah red blood not black not white- too coloured for them white murderers to deny

My friend my dear friend why donít u speak to me, have I made u too angry to forgive

Or it is it simply coz the dead canít speak no more, canít peak no more, no more

Black ĎN white with nothing in between all their blind vision cared to know

Canít hate night ĎN day, canít swear at ink on paper; canít kill their eyes for being black n white

So why did they take u why, how could they use that knife against you?

Why didnít I stop them messiní with ur soul with fires of racism too hot for Hellís

I still picture dat blade stabbin thru u.. stood back when the ambulance tiik u away never t reyrem

Da ground closes in on you without discrimination, no such thing as segregation bro

Down there ur at peace no one telliní u o get utt dis country get outta ur home

At least uíll get no aggro down there coz black or white, ur skin turns to dust- grey mix

Da police caught them thugs now doiní life sentence coz of racism

Coz ur black ĎN Iím white- now I regret not defending u

What I wud give to protect u

What I wud give to see u once more and tell u how I feel

What I wud give O my friend to end the racism

To end the hurt

The pain

The death...

But all I can do is stop it happenin; again

R u with me?

End racism now.

Doní t wait till ur best friendís dead coz heís black...

R u white?

R u black?

R u Asian?

R u Christian?

R u Muslim...

Are you human?

Destroy the barriers of RACISM and unite as ONE Brotherhood

U listeniní?

Bro or sis weíre all the same-

Donít let anyone judge you by the colour of your skin,

Or by the garments u wear as symbols of ur faith,

Coz the only thing that raises us in the eyes of the Lord is piety

Iím white and heís black and now heís dead coz I didnít defend him form racism.

Donít let the same happen to you.


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