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 Zam Zam drinking points in the Haramain

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PostSubject: Zam Zam drinking points in the Haramain   Thu Sep 03, 2009 2:04 pm

90 Zamzam drinking points in Holy Haram

MAKKAH – Daily consumption of Zamzam water during Ramadan is more than 1,800 cubic meters within the Holy Haram in Makkah and 270 cubic meters in the courtyards outside, according to Aifan Al-Juaid, Director of Zamzam water distribution in the Grand Mosque.

The water from the ancient Zamzam well in the Grand Mosque is sterilized, cooled and piped to pilgrims at 90 drinking points (1,100 taps) inside the mosque and 43 (100 taps) outside.

In the Grand Mosque, around three million cups for drinking Zamzam are used daily, Al-Juaid said.

New drinking areas have been constructed in the basement, on the first and second floors, the Masa’a, and in the northern courtyard.

Zamzam water is also supplied to the Prophet s Mosque in Madina at a daily average of 274 cubic meters.

Saudi Gazette
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Zam Zam drinking points in the Haramain
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