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Imaam al-Shaafi’i Rahimahullaah said: ‘There is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if that’s the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.’


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PostSubject: Search For the Truth   Search For the Truth Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 3:17 pm

[i][b] Search for truth

Once, not long ago, I travelled far and wide
Some greater force inspiring me to seek enlightenment,
Heart restless, yearning for some unknown desire
Unsatisfied with the illusions of the would around me
The once deceiving temptations no longer holding their appeal.
Mind rusted through decades of ignorance, rusted with long worn acceptance
Striving to yield some worthwhile knowledge with which to shine its dulled surface
Limbs dragged in laziness and now begging for respite from this now common disease
Pleading to fulfil the rights they were created to fulfil in their true nature.
Soul crying out so long unheeded, struggling to scream out the truth
The emotions falling on deaf ears and closed heart, veiled so thick, unable to comprehend
Like a blind wanderer suddenly given the ability of light and the comfort of a home
I was enlightened to the true path, guided by the one who guides those led astray
The light of iman placed inside my beating heart, alive once more

Pure ecstasy infusing my body, as at last I understood the purpose of our existence.The astounding beauty of this faith so pure, startling and awe-inspiring
The orders of the Almighty contained in the noble book, incomparable to any words of man,
Not the theorised poetry composed from a noble yet illiterate orphan
But instead the honourable elevated speech of god, expressed in a form we may understand,
Eloquent words striking the hearts of even the most foolish that cling to corrupted beliefs
The guidance, uncreated, the final revelation to humanity and jinn alike
Such meaning unintelligible to even the highest of scholars, untainted,
Words unchanged until the Day of Rising, for who can defy what Allah Himself protects?
Such wisdom unequalled in a tongue so beautiful, words flowing in intricate love
Recited with heart and soul, voices almost musical like a powerful, heart strengthening song.
The message clear and so uniquely placed, that it rings through the heart in such a manner
Unlike any other book, certainly not the work of man, ringing in hearts billions wide,
Meaning upon meaning contained in a single letter, yet orders understood even by youth
The message of this which guides a whole system of life, commands, warns, brings joy
Beauty and power so majestic that even the heedless cry out as they hear,
Souls begging for redemption, hearts eager for purity, mind comforted in serenity.
Peace awaiting the patient, status among noble ambassador angels
Reserved for once who recites with proficiency, remembrance in heart and mind,
The stumbling one who struggles and falls, difficulty in attaining this, reciting despite
Two rewards he is promised, sincere worshippers, the most merciful we obey.

The Quran, as it is called, revealed so spectacularly, unforgotten to this day
Even in this time where ignorance reigns and heedless fools rule with corruption.
We have not forgotten the blessed night, Lailat-ul Qadr, better than a thousand nights.
The mountain of Nur, in the cave of Hira, this event un-diminished by time’s weary toil;
Read! The voice, so noble cried, the air shaking as light suffused the small cave
Addressed to a figure deep in meditation, trembling, body squeezed as he replies,
I cannot read! The illiterate man is asked thrice, his body squeezed, his reply true and sure
Noble Jibra’il (a.s) conveys the words of Allah, Read in the name of thy lord who created…
Prophethood bestowed upon this truthful, beautiful orphan, at the age of forty;
The one I sought on my travels, though I was not aware, my heart longing,
Longing to meet this righteous ocean of love, sent as a mercy to all mankind
Beauty far exceeding that of both the sun and moon together, radiating light
Wheat complexion illuminated like the moon on the fourteenth night, smile more beautiful,
“As there is no darkness in the moonlit night, so is Mustafa, the well-wisher, bright."

Full black beard and eyes soft with love, sent to perfect good character, brimming with love
Abused and accused, tormented by his people, unbelievers tied up to their hideous customs
Struggling so much for the sake of Allah, the seal of the Prophet’s unwavering in faith.
An army of three hundred defeated a thousand, for he prayed, Allah,
And you sent an army of Angels to protect your beloved, victorious in battle, yet still, Humility lowering his gaze, no hint of arrogance or pride in his bearing.
Arabia blessed, the dust upon which he walked more precious than mountains of gold
His rose scented sweat more fragrant than the most expensive of perfumes
Mercy flowing freely like water, his soul the very heart of purity, untainted by any sins
His teachings heard, the air eagerly listening, his words remembered exactly to this day,
And as I turned, heat scorching my back, my heart guided me to him, longing for a glimpse
The sand upon which he walked worth more than water at the time of severe thirst,
And my heart beat in anticipation of the meeting, awaiting the reunion with Ya Rusool (s.a.w).

My camel of noble breed carried me across the unending desert, golden sand filling the horizon
Her slender neck pointed forwards, obeying the passion of my heart, headed towards my beloved.
Her feet, large and un-sinking in the sand, like no other creatures, created for this very purpose
Her long lashes veiling her eyes, protecting them form the elements, enabling her to see the way.
Her hump so smooth with golden fur, allowing her to endure without thirst, beautiful yet strange
Long hours travelled beneath a glaring sun, her muscles strong and well formed.
Her teeth, flat and white, smiling as she eats, dry grasses fuelling her, lending strength to fulfil her role
Strong gold brown legs, built to take me to him, her slow walk discarded for a gallop.
Riding under a sky; intense blue, and the sun bright and gold blazing fires, shining in the sky.
My camel taking me at last to the one I sought for so long, just on the horizon, barren land all around
Severe thirst drying my throat, eyes stinging as sand clouds are thrown up, body swaying.
Hands almost sliding off the reigns, slick with sweat, but I hold firm to the rope, intent on reaching him
More beloved than myself, more beloved than all of creation, the jewel of Arabia, the sultan of Madina
This is the man I sought for, his name too precious to say lightly and his sweet merciful nature just so
Innocent, his noble righteous heart untainted by the merest speck of black, pure white,
My thirst forgotten, my weariness replaced with strength, my tongue moist with His praise.

The day turns to night; cold, temperatures dropping dramatically, unforgiving to a weary traveller
And she slows down, exhaustion creeping over us like a devious thief, robbing us of our strength,
But there…on the horizon, is a city of light, the noble mosque, masjid al Nabawi, prominent and bright
Dazzling with pure white nur, radiating in light out of the darkness, a million stars lighting the sky
A full moon glowing, a small sphere hanging in the sky, smiling over this blessed city.
The sand silvery in the beautiful light, my journey near an end, a sigh of pleasure escaping my dry lips
Peace in my heart at last, but content not complete, for the reason of my migration I had yet to find.
Was the city asleep, I wondered, the city of the Prophet (s.a.w) already like a home to me,
But there was no one to greet this traveller, not a soul in sight, just empty houses and silent streets.
But then, Allahu Akbar, a great cry rings out through the dark, powerful, filled with such pure love,
The words beautiful –God is great-and pronounced so clearly, ringing through the empty city
Calling all to prayer; the command lifting my heart, striking my soul, haunting my thoughts so greatly.
Come to prayer, he cries, rush to success, he beckons, his voice echoing through the holy place.
So I answered this great mighty call with ease and open heart, willingly, face beaming as I walked
Sliding off my beautiful camel, murmuring to her, un-reigning her so she might find rest and water
Approaching the direction of the heart-moving voice; the mu’adhin Sayyidinah Bilaal’s, his voice bold, almost Musical, lifting my heart with the sincerity of his words, a former slave given such honour in Islam.
Drawing closer to my beloved, entering the grand gate of the Masjid-an Nabi, so simple and beautiful
The famous green dome rising above my head, awe inspiring, peace rushing to greet me so swiftly,
Passing into this sacred building, a sanctuary; serenity shooting through my heart, mercy descending from above.

I raise my hands to the heavens and make dua; tears fall, humble eyes beholding a breathtaking sight
Overwhelmed by love and awed by the brotherhood, the city of Madina inside this noble abode
Congregating-in juma’at-eager to pray, the city lined before the adhan was even uttered.
All so beautiful... but there, leading the prayer was the answer I had longed for, standing just out of reach, the Imam; his presence the reason for my peace, noble features illuminated with pure grace and virtue, piety marking his beard, light upon light
The beloved Messenger of Allah, a white moon illuminated with the glow of iman, so bright and pure.
And we prayed, immersed in peace as our soul travelled to Allah, praising him, worshipping our Lord
Peace I sought and peace I found, for as we completed our prayer, the room lit up with nur,
The angels surrounding this heavenly mosque, and I approached him, heart almost bursting with love.
Peace be upon you… he smiled, his teeth white pearls, his smile more radiant than the sun,
Outshining all stars yet filled with humility, his hair black, his hand large, with the strength of ten men,
Warm to the touch, his scent a heavenly musk, my soul sighing in pleasure as I answered his greeting
And immediately I gave Shahadah once more, his smile increasing with love, my heart firm in Iman.

Softened by that gentle gaze, shyness in his humility and I knew without doubt, that he was:
The final Prophet of Allah; the greatest gift from Allah, his light outshining the darkness of the world
An orphan sheltered by Allah; beloved by Allah, bestowed Prophethood, in the cave of Hira.
Rusool of Allah, Prophet of Allah, praised to this day, justice under his rule, his Sahabah by his side:
These companions the greatest men and women; his noble family so pious; Ya Allah, send blessings On them all, for all eternity under your beloved gaze; bless them with the highest ranks of Paradise:
The mother of her father, Fatima Zahra, leader of the women of paradise, beloved by your Beloved;
Our mother, Khadijah, your noble wife, wealthy with piety, generosity comes so easily;
Dear Aishah, the hope for the youth, so wise, so beautifully spreading the deen, relating hadith with love:
And Aasiyah, the wife of Firawn, caring for your brother Musa, peace be upon them all.
Not to forget your honoured parents and especially the four rightly guided Khaliph’s,
But this dua encompasses all Muslims, past future and present, especially those in the grave,
With a special dua for those noble Ansaar, sheltering and honouring Your Beloved, and for the Muhajareen.

Oh ya Rusool (s.a.w) Allah I longed to meet with thee
Oh ya Habib Allah would you not answer me?
Allah to you I turned my solemn gaze
A wandering traveller all in a daze
Love struck, heart yearning for your beloved
Awe struck, by the most handsome jewel of creation
Bestowed the great honour of the Final Revelation
Oh Ya Rahman I beseeched you, hear my plea
May I not join Ya Habib in serenity?
The world I had travelled in my search for the truth
Restless, no longer deceived by illusions held in my youth
Tears in his heart he wept, as the Mercy to all Mankind
His tears the ocean of love where all tranquillity you’ll find
Bearing the greatest burdens, for he is the shoulder to lean on
The unmovable mountain, seeking only the pleasure of his Lord
Sayyidinah Muhammad (s.a.w), Allah’s lion and unsheathed sword
Striking love and mercy through the hearts of humanity
Three hundred defeating a thousand at Badr; the power of sincerity
Love struck, heart yearning for your beloved
Awe struck, by the most handsome jewel of creation
Bestowed the great honour as the leader of this nation
When he entered this world, the dawn cried for salvation
And Allah gave his beloved, the greatest gift, without hesitation
Ya Rabb I thank you for answering this humble prayer
And forgive me when all seemed lost and I did despair
For now I realize that Allah knows, and You are Most Merciful
And that the pure message of Islam is most beautiful
All praise is for Allah, none deserves worship accept him
And I testify that Muhammad (s.a.w) is His servant and Messenger (s.a.w)
So, please shower peace and blessings on your beloved Prophet (s.a.w)
Sayyidinah Muhammad (s.a.w).

Send peace and blessing on our Messenger
Allahumma Salli wa sallim wa baarik alaih.
La illaha ilalla Muhammadur Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wa sallim.[/b)
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