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Imaam al-Shaafiíi Rahimahullaah said: ĎThere is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if thatís the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.í


 Smoking Kills...

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Smoking Kills... Empty
PostSubject: Smoking Kills...   Smoking Kills... Icon_minitimeTue Aug 04, 2009 3:10 pm

Smoking Kills...

Smoking kills...
Yeah itís true
Canít deny the truth
Itís deadly
Destroying oneís will
Leaving fatally ill
Suicide- misery fills the soul
Itís suicide in anticipation
Watching your body die with no shame
Who else it to blame?
Tears of blood fall black with sin
Tears of rage and fury, overwhelming
Burning fiercely, terrifying
Black flames of death choking with fatal cough
Deception smeared black with foul sin
Reeking stench, nauseating, sickening
Corpses fall, smoke clings, evil shrouds
Addicted, like animals dependent on vile chemicals
Deluded, pressurised
Lungs blackened and scorched, dead, destroyed
Heart bleeding, crying tears of blood
Burning, heart poisoned, lungs intoxicated by smoke
Depression, dark and oppressive,
Tempting towards smoking, lighting the deadly stick
Fire consuming with furious heat
Kill, murdering innocence- cot death, disease, corruption
Chaos, life wreaked apart by a simple decision
Death clutching those succumbed to it, becoming its slave
Black tears falling, bleeding from the heart,
Tar congealing the wounds
Hell terrifying, burning fiercely, flames towering in terrifying heights
Smoking kills- do doubt, no denying, no argument
Wasted bodies wheezing, carbon monoxide poisoning
Passive smoking, murdering innocents, plaguing others with vile smoke
Rage blazing light the flames of death,
Terror and hatred twisted beyond recognition
Misery persuading towards a torturous end,
Shame and revulsion at fatal mistakes...
Outcast, rejected from the crowd,
Peer pressure Ďforcingí you to submit, take a fag
Babies murdered, silent cries haunting, of death and injustice
Billions killed and for what? To smoke?
Stench; the reek of smoke and deception,
Lying to hide your actions, in debt, in death
Mum cries when baby dies, cot death killing off the innocent one-by-one
The pregnant smoking without a care, poisoning unborn child
Suffocating, breath chocking on smoke, protests calling for a ban
Toxins spreading like cancer, evil and malignant;
Lung, heart, mind, soul all trashed with chemicals loathed and despised,
Screams begging for it all to stop, angry protesters feverish with hate
Campaigners urging an end to this war on smoke
Alveoli, cilia die, Ďchocking in pleasureí, billions wasted
Lifeís shattered, wealth wasted on campaigns and cures
While others starve; famines and droughts, weapons of mass-destruction
Poverty and war threatening helpless victims, bloodshed and disease
No money left to aid those in need- no;
Itís all for the rich fat on laziness and self-induced death
Itís cool, yeah, to have a fag right? How deluded have minds become, ravaged by nicotine?
Stimulation? More like insanity... brainwashed with stupidity,
Aware of the affects yet still doing it, suicide in anticipation, no less
Peer pressure? Arenít you brave enough to say Ďnoí?
Or are you too afraid to refuse buying yourselves a slow and painful death?
Seems not; humanityís on the fall... breath stinks, life stinks,
Everything down the trash Ďever sinceí
Horror, heedless, drowning in a sea of chocking darkness
Suffocating with terror, now disgusted by drugs
Brainwashed, brain wasted with smoke, sanity eaten away
Vomit, vile and pungent, the reek surrounding, clinging
Is it cool to kill yourself; is it cool to suffer in misery?
Betrayal, dissent, fear... emotions raging dark and confused
Cells dying, heart failing, breath chocking as tar clogs veins
Deadly, fatal disease; bronchitis, asthma, blood clots, heart attack
Lung disease, cot death, fever of death, black smoke hanging, shrouding
Nicotine intoxicating, bringing false ecstasy
Bad influence, pollution corrupting the words, fires blazing,
Destroying forests- killing the lungs of the earth,
Cancer, grey and ulcerous, the cough of death overwhelming
Destruction of body and soul, cigarettes brain-washing the youth
Furious protesters screaming in rage,
Teens lost, misguided, brainwashed by media, false belief
Gangs, bad company, Ďso-called friendí heeding Shaytan, leading astray
Hooked on fags, cash wasted on drugs
Stealing , death of innocence, destruction of the soul
Smoking Kills
Itís suicide in anticipation
Yeah itís true
No denying the truth
Itís Deadly
Fear Allah when you raise that fag to your lips
Fear Allah when inhale that vile smoke
When you poison your body with chemicals of death
When you waste your money on a cancer-stick
While others round the world kill to have a sip of water
Passive smoking murdering innocent souls
Fear your Lord when you suffocate your sleeping child
Chocking coz the smoke silences their lungs
Silent cries of death haunting the smokers to this day
Fear your Lord when you commit suicide by succumbing
Beware of that first drag, coz Nicotine, Shaytanís agent, binds you to its will

You scared yet?
You should be:
Never Smoke my bro
Sis donít even think about it
Smoking kills
Be warned; light a cigarette then light the flame of Hellfire
Light the match to your suffering, of eternal torture
Fear the Smoke
Fear Allah
Guard your health, guard your life:
Never Smoke
Smoking Kills

Who are you going to listen to?
The Truth or Shaytan?

Send peace and blessing on our Messenger
Allahumma Salli wa sallim wa baarik alaih.
La illaha ilalla Muhammadur Rasulullah salallahu alaihi wa sallim...
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Smoking Kills...
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