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Imaam al-Shaafi’i Rahimahullaah said: ‘There is nobody except that he has someone who loves him and someone who hates him. So if that’s the case, let a person be with the people who are obedient to Allaah `Azza Wa Jall.’

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 Before rising from a gathering

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PostSubject: Before rising from a gathering   Sun Jul 19, 2009 1:04 am

"O Allah, You are pure, I praise You and testify that there is none worthy of worship besides You. I seek forgiveness and pardon from You". If there was good talk in the gathering, this dua will seal it and if there was futile and vain talk, then this dua will recompense for it.

(Tirmidhi Targib)
It is stated in some narrations that this dua should be read thrice.

(Hisnul Hasin)
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Before rising from a gathering
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