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 Makkah Twin Challange- Walking in the Footsteps of the Beloved

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PostSubject: Makkah Twin Challange- Walking in the Footsteps of the Beloved   Sun Mar 22, 2009 3:57 am

Makkah Twin Challenge- Walking in the Footsteps of the Beloved...

Why not undertake a challenge of a lifetime? Climb the two mountains of Makkah to fundraise for Al Buruj Aid, an initiative of Al Buruj Press! Fit for the challenge? Prepare for a life changing experience. Read on, this is for YOU!!!

The Challenge

After performing your Umrah, your challenge is to trek up Mount Noor and Thawr (in Makkah, Saudi Arabia) on the same day, enduring the heat of an Arabian summer’s day. It takes about two hours to complete the trek of Mount Noor and up to 4 hours for Mount Thawr. Remember; the mountain paths are known for their steepness. This, together with the difficult heat, will be an ultimate test of your endurance.

Mount Noor
This cave is where the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) first received revelation from the angel Jibra’il, and where he was known to be secluded prior to revelation.

Mount Thawr
The Prophet (SAW) and Abu Bakr (RA) stayed in a cave in this mountain for three nights when they had commenced the hijra, migration, from Makkah to Madinah. The Mount is about 1-1.5 miles high and steps have been carved out to the top.

Following from this, tours will be held with visits to many places within Makkah and Madinah to meet Scholars as well as see the many historical Islamic sights.

The following sights will be visited in Makkah:

· Jannatul Ma’laa: The historical graveyard of Makkah in which lie the early Muslims like Khadijah (RA), the first lady to accept Islam and the Prophet (SAW)’s first wife. About 6,000 Sahaaba are buried here.

· Maqbarah Shabaika: Second most important graveyard in Makkah. In the initial days of Islam, it was difficult for Muslims to be buried. Khadijah (RA) donated this land for burial purposes.

· Birthplace: The house of Abdullah, the Prophet (SAW)’s father, in which the Prophet (SAW) was born. The house was turned into a library and is reported to have been demolished. Situated in the Shu’be Aameer locality.

· Dar-ul Arqam: Site on Mount Safa where the early Muslims gathered to learn Islam from the Prophet (SAW). This was the first centre of learning for the early Muslims.

· House of Khadijah (Wife of the Prophet): Located in Shaariyus Saaghah in Qashaashiya. This was the place where the Prophet (SAW) lived with his first wife and 6 of his children were born here.

· Grave of Maimoonah (Last wife of the Prophet): Located in Wadi Fatima about 8km out of Makkah on the road to Madinah.
· The house of Abu Bakr (RA)
· Masjid Jinn: It was here that the jinn assembled to listen to the recitation of the Holy Qur’an.

The following sights will be visited in Madinah:

· Al-Baqee: The graveyard of Madinah, where a large number of Sahabah (companions) including Uthman, Abbas, Imam Hassan, and wives and daughters of the Holy Prophet, are buried. This graveyard is close to the tomb of the Holy Prophet (SAW), right after the courtyard of Masjid Al-Nabawi.

* Masjid Quba: This is the first Masjid in the history of Islam whose foundation stone was laid down by Prophet Muhammad (SAW) himself on his migration to Madinah. To offer 2 rakaat of nafl in it is equal to one Umrah! After visiting the Prophet's Masjid and his tomb, every pilgrim should try his/her best to visit it and pray in this Masjid as well. A visit to Masjid Quba is highly recommended since the Prophet (SAW) used to visit it quite frequently to pray 2 rakaat.

* Masjid Qiblatain: In this Masjid Allah directed Prophet Muhammad (SAW), who was in the middle of a Salah along with his companions, to turn his face from Islam's first Qibla (Bait-ul-Muqqadis) to the Ka'aba in Masjid Al-Haram. This is why this Masjid is known as a Masjid with two Qiblas.

* Masjid Jumu’ah: This Masjid was built at a place where the Prophet (SAW) offered his first Jumu’ah prayer in Madinah.

* Masjid Ghamama: This Masjid is not far from Masjid Al-Nabawi. The Prophet (SAW) used to offer his Eid prayers here. Once the Prophet led Istasqa prayer (prayer for rain) in it and suddenly the clouds appeared and it started raining, hence the name Ghamama (clouds).

* Masjid Abu Bakr, Masjid Umar Farooq and Masjid Ali: These three Masaajid are near Masjid Ghamama.

· Badr: The plain of Badr is south-west of Madinah and is where the first battle of Islam took place.

By taking part in the Makkah Twin Challenge, you are contributing towards an important Islamic cause – Sadaqah in the path of Allah! Participate in the rewards of this worthy cause and see the fruits of it in both this life and in Jannah, inshaAllah.

Ibn Masud (RA) reported that the Prophet (SAW) said: “ Envy is permitted only in two cases: A man whom Allah gives wealth, and he disposes of it rightfully, and a man to whom Allah gives knowledge which he applies and teaches it”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Each challenger is requested to raise a minimum of £1,500, £600 of which will go towards cost of travel and accommodation, the remaining funds will go towards Al Buruj Aid appeal.

Al Buruj Aid £100,000 appeal

Dear Contestant‚

We hope this reaches you in the best of health and faith. Al Buruj Press, a non-profit organisation, was established to create opportunities by providing educational programmes of the highest quality and excellent training in the traditional Islamic texts. Al Buruj aims to promote an educational philosophy in the most beautiful of ways which seeks to inspire students of knowledge all over the world, enabling them to materialise their potential and to realise their goal of serving Allah Aza’ Wajaal and honouring the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him.

To ensure that every individual is given the opportunity to realise this goal, Al Buruj Press has launched a new and exiting initiative - Al Buruj Aid. Al Buruj Aid is a charity which aims to create a Universal Baitul Maal (Muslim Monetary Fund) with the help of Allah Aza’ Wajaal, using the resources to help Muslims who are in a state of need, poverty and desperation, both on a short and long term basis. We also intend to utilise the funds to provide these Muslims with the most important and powerful tool; knowledge of the Deen. In addition, the funds raised will allow Al Buruj Press to educate and sponsor individuals both here in the UK and abroad.

Funds raised by Al Buruj Aid will be used to:

· Help the Poor/Orphans around the world by securing for them a safe living environment, a sound education and other basic necessities.

· Create projects around the world which will benefit the poor by providing them with tools and skills that will enable them to eradicate poverty.

· Create an Education Fund in order to invest in creating Scholars and Callers to Islam.

· Help Mosques and Islamic initiatives around the world so that we are united in propagating Islam on a global scale.

· Find a permanent base for Al Buruj Press, in order to make it a fulltime Islamic institute, benefiting the thousands it already has.

Abu Huraira (RA) reported Allah‘s Messenger (SAW) as saying: "Among the actions and good deeds for which a believer will continue to receive reward after his death are knowledge which he taught and spread, a good son whom he left behind‚ or a copy of the Qur'an which he left as a legacy…"(Ibn Majah and Baihaqi)

Help us realise our goals by joining us in this noble quest.

May Allah (SWT) make your fundraising task easy for you, and may He reward you for your support, Ameen.


It is of utmost importance to us that you benefit as much as possible from this challenge. Whist raising money for this worthy cause is a significant aspect of this trip, we also want to ensure that much time is dedicated to worship as well as personal time for yourself. To facilitate this, we have secured hotels in both Makkah and Madinah which are 2 minutes distance away from Masjid al-Haram and Masjid an-Nabawi respectively. This, we believe, will make the trip within the two holy cities as pleasant and beneficial as possible. We guarantee the best provision of support during the entire trip and Shaykh Ahmed Sa’ad from the UK will be travelling to help support all the participants. In addition to this, we will be making many visits to Scholars within Makkah and Madinah to learn and benefit from them as much as we can. We guarantee this to be a momentous occasion - spiritually, mentally and physically, InshaAllah! May Allah make this a blessed trip, Ameen!

Practical Tips for Fundraising:

Prior to the trip, we will provide our participants with as much help, support and guidance with regards to fundraising. The earlier you start raising the money, the easier the fundraising will be. Fundraising for some is a very easy thing, whilst for others it can be difficult, especially if the person has limited experience.

We present some useful tips below, showing how easy the whole process actually is!

Here are the following tips. Be attentive:

* Ensure that you explain clearly and persuasively the cause that this money is going to. Al Buruj Aid incorporates, as mentioned above, many aspects such as helping the orphans/poor in need, establishing projects around the world and in the UK and most importantly an Education Fund to create the Scholars and Callers of tomorrow. Using Qur’an and Ahadith will be a benefit. And always remember, this is for the sake of Allah.

* Collecting money from family, relatives, friends and colleagues. If you are able to collect:

£100 from 15 people= £1500

£50 from 30 people = £1500

£30 from 50 people= £1500

£20 from 75 people= £1500

£10 from 150 people= £1500

This is an excellent opportunity to get into contact with family, relatives and friends who you haven’t been in touch with, and persuade them to help in this noble cause. Remember the Prophet (SAW) mentioned in a Hadith recorded in Tirmidhi,

“By Allah, Charity will never decrease wealth”.

· Organising events and dinners with friends and families in which you could mention the importance of helping Islamic causes. This is an easy one. It is common for individuals to spend mass amounts of money on food etc, which easily could be proportioned better.

· Get other people who cannot go on the trip to assist you in fundraising. Persuade your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends to help and join the cause.

· For sisters fundraising and coming with a Mahram, find interesting methods to collect from fellow sisters. [Henna, making cakes etc. are effective ways]

· Create a page on the Justgiving website and get friends etc. to donate online to you.

· Be CREATIVE in what you do! For instance, offer to shave your hair off brothers! Insert a price tag of a certain amount such as £300, when people have paid to see your head shaved, shave your head! Effective way of collecting money!

Many a time we don’t realise how easy it is to fundraise, especially when it is a noble cause such as this.

Sisters who are unable to come, why not participate in the rewards by raising the money and sending your husband/brother/father on the Makkah Twin Challenge? The perfect gift!

Don’t delay in participating in this noble quest!

Contribute to a worthy cause and in return prepare for an inspiring trip to the two heavens of the earth; Makkah and Madinah.

Jabir (RA) reported: The Messenger of Allah never said “NO” to anyone who asked him for anything. (Bukhari and Muslim)

Umrah-only Package

If you have family and friends that want to only perform Umrah, then an Umrah-only package is available for a cost of £850 (long trip) and £750 (short trip).

Register for the Challenge:

Email alburujpress@gmail.com for an application form to participate.

The group will leave on 22nd June 2009 for a period of 7 days. If you wish to attend, but want to go for a shorter or longer period, this can be arranged for.

For more information and general enquiries, please contact us on 07983590489 or email us at alburujpress@gmail.com
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Zaynab Al-Maria
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Female Number of posts : 243
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PostSubject: Re: Makkah Twin Challange- Walking in the Footsteps of the Beloved   Sun Mar 22, 2009 4:00 am

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Makkah Twin Challange- Walking in the Footsteps of the Beloved
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